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In many cases, will operate solely as a broker for the sale...our function is bringing buyers and sellers together. That said, makes no representation to the accuracy of each listing. Just like you, we have to trust the seller's description to be accurate.

Without prior approved credit, it is assumed that the terms of each sale will be "Payment in Advance". All sales will follow these general guidelines:

  • The buyer and seller agree upon a price
  • The buyer pays
  • will notify seller that payment has been recieved
  • Payment "Clears the Bank"
  • The seller will ship the item within one business day to the buyer
  • The seller is paid by


​At our discretion, will charge a fair commission on the sale of your goods. We will negotiate your expected payment amount and then sell item at a profit to


​Inaccurate and/or fraudulent listings will result in the seller's payment being delayed and/or the seller being banned from using for future sales.

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